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October, 2019
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1 yr of Graphic Designing

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Architectural and Engineering Services

Logo Design

Video Editing


I am hardworking and a persevering person when I am doing things especially when it comes to the professionality of work. I'm a fast learner when someone explains or tells me what to do; either the things that are new to me or the things I've already known. Being capable of doing the things that most commonly Architects or Draftsman are capable of, it is a challenge for me to grow more by applying to those who want to hire me. I also love doing edits, video making, logo designing, and sketching.

     I started to learn how to edit and make videos in doing projects at school and developed it by figuring it out on my own and by watching tutorials.

     Video and Photo Editing has been one of the most things I've learned to love and do. Doing the small details of every picture and transforming it to its maximum beauty, cutting and arranging the clips into your desired choice, and expressing creativity by measuring lines in floor plans -- are just one of the works and interests I want to build up amongst those who want to hire me. I am not as professional as others but I want to explore and learn more by doing this job. Creatively speaking, I am very willing to expand the way I think. Aside from this, I am good at other things like organizing, researching, and web kinds of stuff. I immediately do the things that are tasked to me. I promise not to fail you if you'll hire me.

    I can see myself growing on every opportunity a client will give me.

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Event Planner
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Customer Support

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Graphics and Multimedia

Print Design
Video Editing
Shirt Design
Logo Design
Graphics Editing
3D Modeling

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Architectural and Engineering Services



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