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My name is Lady Bernadeth Riesgo. I am 31 years old. I graduated BS Chemical Engineering in Adamson University. In my 8 years of working experience, I gained 6 years laboratory skills and total of 2 years in sales and marketing. I have zero experience as a virtual assistant but I am very confident that thru but not limited to the skills (listed below), I can perform the work of a virtual assistant.

  1. Good Communication - I am very polite when answering and messaging my clients thru phone and email. I can make them feel that they are being assisted in a genuine way whether thru phone, email or in person.

  2. Time Management - I am very good when it comes to time management. Marking appointments in the calendar and even giving allowance to my deadlines.

  3. Resilient - I can handle rejection and it cannot stop me from moving forward.

  4. Dependable - I can work above and beyond my job description.

  5. Versatility - If changes need to happen necessarily, I can adapt easily.

  6. Confident - As I have mentioned above, having zero experience as a VA won’t stop me to enter and begin to apply for this job.

  7. Resourceful - If you are contacting my references, this is the quality that they really like about me. I can open accounts and prospect clients.

  8. Organized - I cannot start my work w/o seeing everything in place.

  9. Understanding - I always show empathy to my clients, I am working w/ them like as if I am on their position. That is how I am doing my job in sales and marketing. I always want to make them feel the good customer service.

  10. Professionalism - I am on time. Meets the deadline. And make sure that I worth every penny they’ll pay me.

  11. Approachable / Accessible - They can message me anytime during working hours and can send an auto message in case it is already out of my work time.

  12. Responsible - I know the consequences of each move that I take and never blame others.

  13. Problem Solver - As long as I believe that I can solve the problem, I always do my best to solve it.

  14. Self-motivated - Even w/o supervision, I do self research, self study, watching tutorials and avail free seminars and trainings that would further develop my skills.

  15. Proactive - I anticipated problems that might occur in the future, thus, I like planning ahead of time.

  16. Trust-worthy - As my mentor said, in building a business, it is important that you build trust.

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