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I graduated at University of the Immaculate Concepcion with flying colors in 2019. Even though I received my diploma later than others because of financial instability, I didn’t lose hope instead I looked for a job. I started working since when I was 18 years old with an ESL company while I was finishing my degree. I majored BS in Elementary Education major in Early Childhood Education because I love children very much and I am keen on teaching young children through pictures, drawings, films, and songs. One of the companies I rendered my service the longest was Engoo English or formerly known as DMM Eikaiwa. I stayed with them not less than 3 years. During my employment in their company, I honed my teaching strategies for different learning student capabilities with different age group. Through constant trainings and self-improvement, I grasped the most efficient, and easy-to-understand to deliver English classes in a virtual classroom. At first, it was hard especially when you’re dealing with a young learner and an agitated, I-know-all student however, as days passed it became much easier. One of the challenges I had teaching in a virtual classroom was that the instability of the internet connection, and power outages in my town. To be prepared for these instances, I invested some of my money from my salary to buy power generators, and a back-up internet.

As 2020 enters and I want a breath of fresh air, I signed the job offer from VXI Global Solutions. My main goal in accepting this job was to improve my listening skills, and familiarize myself with American accent since I’d be dealing with American customers. Also, I wanted to be more tech savvy, and know the process of solving an intermittent, no connectivity, and so on internet issues. As expected, I achieved my goal however due to the pandemic started in the mid-week of March, my mom discouraged me from working outside and suggested to me to go to my old job which was online teaching. It was a tough decision for me because my co-workers and I formed a genuine camaraderie. To suffice my mother’s worries, I decided to resign to my call center job in April.

Meanwhile I am looking for the best company I want to work in, I have a few side hustles such as selling RTWs and ready-to-eat food through Facebook marketplace. Since I have ample time to spare, I saw one ad on Facebook for a social media management short-course and 120hour-TESOL certification for an affordable price so, I enrolled myself out of the blue and luckily, I finished and got the certification for social media management short-course but I’m still halfway on finishing my TESOL. I know that searching for a stable job in the world of freelancing in the middle of the pandemic isn’t the best choice. But if given a chance, I would love to accept a job offer in both ESL tutoring and social media managing.

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