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We are now living in a world where diversity is welcome and being practiced. And putting diversity in a workplace is such an advantage for productivity. We are an example of diversity. A variety of people with differences and similarities. Others easily do a job that could hardly be done by someone. In this sense, I believe that a person always needs another person to get things done. I am an English major, and writing is one of the skills I developed with my chosen degree program. I was trained to write essays, reports, and other academic writings. Also, as an English major, we must read many books and literature and analyze them. In a word, my writing skill is not just focused on academic writing but also on creative writing, editing, and copywriting. Plus, communication is not a problem with me; may it be oral or written. Other than that, I am also passionate about the latest trend in technology, the internet, and social media. I love managing social media accounts of different businesses. I find it exciting to help businesses cope with the world's fast-paced progress, especially in the online world. Change in social media algorithms is constant, and I find passion in dealing with those challenges to help businesses reach their goals. Bringing your business into the online world is a different game; from its marketing, audience, and others. It is my goal to stabilize my clients' brand, and I prioritize their online presence. Let's work together for your business to be recognized in the online world.

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