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You can choose from thousands of data entry virtual assistants on the VirtualStaff.ph outsourcing marketplace. 

Unlike traditional freelancing platforms, by hiring data entry assistants on VirtualStaff.ph, you’ll benefit from two significant advantages that we have:

  1. Long-term hiring: The great thing about VirtualStaff.ph is that we don’t promote or push “traditional short-term freelancing.” Instead, all job seekers on our marketplace, whether data entry or other positions are looking for long-term part-time or full-time jobs.
  2. Exclusively Philippines: An employer’s advantage is saving significant money while still hiring excellent quality data entry virtual assistants.

Data entry virtual assistants or remote data entry clerks will enter and compile information such as inputting customer account data onto spreadsheets and checking data for errors.

The primary responsibility of a remote data entry assistant is to maintain accurate records of important company information. This could range from a wide variety of things such as customer accounts, leads, and numerous other things. 

You can hire a data entry virtual assistant in the Philippines for between $2.50 and $6.50 per hour.

On average, by hiring a data entry virtual assistant on VirtualStaff.ph, you will benefit from salary savings of between 70% and 80% compared to hiring a local employee. Over 12 months, you will save tens of thousands of dollars.

Here are some examples of a data entry virtual assistant job requirements and qualifications that you might require applicants to have:

  • Attention to detail
  • High school diploma or Bachelor’s Degree
  • Ability to work to time constraints
  • Computer literacy and familiarity with various computer programs such as MS Office 

Put your spin on these, but you can use them as a guide to give you some ideas.

  • Data entry virtual assistant (full-time)
  • Data entry assistant needed to conduct various data entry tasks for our growing company.
  • A full-Time data entry virtual assistant is needed to enter data and process it correctly.
  • Are you an experienced data entry assistant? (part-time position) 

This is just an example.

“We are looking for a Remote Data Entry Assistant to organize documents and other information. 

The successful candidate will enjoy a salary of $4.00 per hour, working full-time Monday to Friday, 9am until 6pm (EST), and the job is 40 hours per week (including a 1-hour paid lunch break). 

You will report directly to the COO, and we will rely on you to provide accurate and updated data in digital format.

You must have strong computer skills and have experience using Google documents or Microsoft Office.

Understanding data confidentiality is a must. We are happy to explain the importance of this during the interview process. The successful applicant will be onboarded and given a company operations manual explaining the importance of such things. 

Interested applicants, apply now. We will be scheduling interviews for later this week, and the start date will be Monday of next week.”

Here are some examples of what types of job responsibilities a data entry virtual assistant might have:

  • Enter data that is provided directly from our clients
  • Update existing data and ensure it is accurate
  • Retrieve data from the database as and when requested
  • Create documents and spreadsheets (in excel or google sheets) with accurate data and without mistakes.


Do you want us to help you professionally build your team in the Philippines?


Do you want us to help you professionally build your team in the Philippines?