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You can find Filipino pay-per-click experts (PPC) on VirtualStaff.ph for between $3.00 and $15.00 per hour.

To give you a better idea of what the going rates are for hiring PPC managers in the Philippines, please see the breakdown below:

Entry-level: You can find entry-level PPC managers for between $3.00 and $5.00 per hour.

Intermediate: Setting a budget of between $4.00 and $8.00 per hour will allow you to find and hire an excellent mid-level PPC manager.

Expert/Senior: You can hire PPC experts or PPC specialists for between $6.00 and $15.00 per hour. Keep in mind that this person will have the skills and experience to replace an American PPC manager that would likely cost $25.00-$45.00 per hour. 

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Online marketers use PPC or pay per click model pay each time their advertisements are clicked. Instead of trying to 'earn' those visitors via organic means, it's a kind of "purchasing" them.

The search engine's advertising is one of the most well-known PPC numbers. Advertising through sponsored links of a search engine is made possible by allowing businesses to put bids for ad placement when a customer uses a term relevant to their product or service.

Therefore, pay per click expert oversees the strategy, design, execution, search engine optimization, and analysis of ad results. A PPC Specialist manages internet pay-per-click advertising campaigns. 

Before you hire a pay-per-click expert, you need to determine the exact specifics of the PPC manager job position that you're aiming to fill. Be sure to include job responsibilities and relevant skills that you need the applicants to have.

Here are some examples of things that you might include.


  • Research and management of keywords to maximize bids 
  • Optimize bidding on a variety of levels
  • Monitor, assess, and communicate campaign results to customers
  • Keep abreast with search engine and pay-per-click industry development
  • Manage PPC campaigns daily 
  • Create compelling and concise text for CTAs on advertisements

Job requirements and qualification for a pay per click (PPC) specialist

  • Experience with Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Facebook business 
  • Functional experience across all social media networks
  • Interpersonal skills, creative thinking, and analytical abilities
  • Obtain a high school diploma or a bachelor's degree

First of all, if you're an agency then you can save thousands of dollars a year by hiring a PPC manager in the Philippines, due to the huge savings in employee costs.

In fact, outsourcing to the Philippines might be one of the smartest things you can do for your profit margins.

Other reasons why small business owners need to hire a PPC manager?

To drive visitors to your website, you'll need a professional to manage your PPC advertising campaign efficiently.

A professional PPC manager will thoroughly examine every aspect of your advertising accounts and seek strategies to boost your traffic. A PPC specialist may challenge the market competition and build advertising based on this information. This is what an expert does.


Do you want us to help you professionally build your team in the Philippines?


Do you want us to help you professionally build your team in the Philippines?