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A bookkeeping virtual assistant is similar to a bookkeeper, except they only do bookkeeping as part of their overall job responsibilities.

In addition to bookkeeping, you can expect a bookkeeping virtual assistant to do other tasks such as social media posting, admin, and data entry.

If you'd like to hire a bookkeeper in the Philippines, then you'd be better off hiring a bookkeeper as opposed to a bookkeeping virtual assistant. It's best to weigh up the pros and cons of each. 

You can hire a bookkeeping virtual assistant for between $3.00 and $10.00 per hour. Generally speaking, the more you can afford to pay your VA per hour, the more experience and skills the virtual assistant should have. 

How much you pay your bookkeeping virtual assistant is entirely your decision. As the employer and client, you get to choose the hourly salary rate. However, be sure to make it attractive enough to get the best bookkeeping VAs to apply!


Do you want us to help you professionally build your team in the Philippines?


Do you want us to help you professionally build your team in the Philippines?