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A macOS developer is responsible for a broad set of components and features in iOS and macOS, including System Preferences, Calculator, Stickies, Grapher, Console, Terminal, Activity Monitor, Disk Utility, the login experience and much more.

The responsibility of a MacOS developer includes the software design, implementation, and maintenance of OS features related to our components.

The average cost to hire a full-time macOS developer in the Philippines is around $7.50 per hour, which works out at approximately 80% savings if compared against the average USA macOS developer salary of $84,000 per year, or $44 per hour + benefits.

You can, of course, expect to pay either less or more, depending on the individual developer and whether or not they are an entry-level (junior) macOS developer, intermediate, or senior (expert). 

It depends if you want to hire a junior, intermediate, or senior macOS programmer. You can expect to pay a salary of anywhere between $3.50 and $25.00 per hour, depending on the following things:

  • What experience does the macOS developer have? 
  • How skilled is the macOS developer?
  • What would the equivalently skilled macOS programmer cost if you were to hire them in the USA?

We strongly suggest that you don’t look to pay your macOS developer anything less than ⅕ of what the equivalent skilled employee would cost you in the USA.

You can choose from the best macOS developers in the Philippines on the Virtual Staff marketplace and, most importantly, pay the most affordable salary rates.

The steps are as simple as posting a job, interviewing the applicants, and deciding who you want to hire. 

The significant benefit is that you, as the employer remain in control the entire time. You choose the hourly salary rate you want to pay, decide how many hours you require your macOS developer to work, and choose the working hours.


Do you want us to help you professionally build your team in the Philippines?


Do you want us to help you professionally build your team in the Philippines?