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Android developers create apps used on Android phones and tablets. An Android developer is responsible for developing applications for devices powered by the Android operating system. 

You can hire part-time or full-time Android developers in the Philippines for between $4.00 per hour and $25.00 per hour. The salary rate will depend on the individual developer and the skill and experience that they have. The best way to see the real salary rates is to simply browse the VirtualStaff.ph database.

Junior Android Developer Salary

It will cost you between $4.00 to $8.00 per hour to hire a full-time Junior Android Developer in the Philippines. By full-time, I mean if you’re hiring somebody to be part of your team on a long-term basis. (e.g 9-5 Monday to Friday).

What is a Junior Android Developer?

It is entirely up to you and the developer to define what you both classify as junior, intermediate, and senior. However, generally speaking, a junior Android Developer is usually either fresh out of college, or somebody with less than 2 years of experience.

Intermediate Android Developer Salary

Expect to budget at a minimum of $5.00 per hour for an experienced and competent intermediate Android Developer. 

Our advice would be that you should set a budget of perhaps between $5.00-$12.00 per hour in order to not limit yourself in terms of the quality of developers that you can choose from.

What is an Intermediate Android Developer?

Intermediate developers can develop code on their own, but usually don’t yet have the ability to lead a team. 

Usually, an Intermediate Android Developer is someone who has between 2 and 5 years of experience, although some people with 10+ years of experience can still be classified as Intermediate Developers, depending on their specific skill level.

Senior Android Developer Salary

Senior Android Developers in the Philippines usually command a salary of between $8.00 and $25.00 per hour.

As a rule of thumb, look to pay your Philippines-based Android developer around ¼ to ⅓ of what an equivalently skilled Senior Android Developer would cost you in the USA.

To attract the best Android developers, we would strongly suggest that you be slightly flexible in what you are prepared to pay, especially if you want to attract the top talent.

What is a Senior Android Developer?

Senior Android Developers should have a proven track record in developing and maintaining existing apps.

You should expect a Senior Android Developer to have at least 5+ years of experience and be able to demonstrate high-level skill in terms of programming.

You can hire android developers on the Virtual Staff outsourcing marketplace. This is a good idea if you want to hire android developers in the Philippines.

The advantage of hiring Android developers in the Philippines is the huge salary savings due to the differences in the cost of living. This means you can expect to pay less salary, yet still, get excellent quality English-speaking developers.

You can hire android developers on a part-time or full-time basis on the VirtualStaff.ph outsourcing marketplace. 

In fact, due to our marketplace being exclusively for developers and virtual workers based in the Philippines, you can expect to pay significantly less than what it would cost to hire a “freelancer” on places such as Upwork.

Simply choose part-time or full-time, and clearly state how many hours you require the person to work. 

To ensure you protect yourself, you should have the app developer sign an NDA. One of the good things about using VirtualStaff.ph, is the fact that by joining our marketplace, all of the developers must do the following.

  1. Agree to our terms of service.
  2. Provide government-issued identification that gets manually checked by a human.

Paying your Philippines-based staff via VirtualStaff.ph, and ensuring key communication is made inside of the platform, ensures that you get extra protection.

In the event something happens, you can reach out to our support team, and we can do our best to assist you in any resolution by looking at the communication, as well as other important things to help us assist with resolution. 

Some examples of what you can expect them to do include:

  • Writing clean and effective codes for Android applications.
  • Finding and fixing bugs.
  • Discovering potential bottlenecks, and figuring ways to resolve them.

When posting a job on Virtual Staff, be sure to include any specific skills, experience, or qualifications that you require the Android developer applicants to have. Here are some examples:

  • Strong knowledge of Android SDK, different versions of Android, and how to deal with different screen sizes.
  • Knowledge of the open-source Android ecosystem and the libraries available for common tasks.
  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related subject. 
  • Extensive knowledge of Android UI design principles, patterns, and best practices.


Do you want us to help you professionally build your team in the Philippines?


Do you want us to help you professionally build your team in the Philippines?