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A telemarketer calls potential customers or current clients and persuades them to do something.  

An example could include cold calling to set up appointments for sales reps. Another example would be calling past clients and informing them about a new product or service that the company is offering.  

From startups and family-run operations to multi-national companies, businesses worldwide outsource telemarketing to the Philippines because of the enormous benefits they get from doing so.

By hiring telemarketing staff in the Philippines, you can expect to save thousands of dollars in employee costs.

In addition to the enormous cost savings you’ll get from hiring telemarketers in the Philippines. You can also expect to employ excellent quality, English-speaking staff.

To learn more about this, I suggest reading the article about why the Philippines is so Americanized. 

You can hire telemarketers in the Philippines for between $2.50 and $10.00 per hour, depending on the persons’ skills and experience.

You can expect telemarketers with less than one year of experience to be willing to work for less per hour than a seasoned veteran with years of experience working in the telemarketing industry.

On average, you should look to save 70% to 80% on what it would cost you in countries such as the United States or Australia. 

Using the Virtual Staff Philippines outsourcing marketplace, you can directly post jobs and hire the best telemarketing staff in the Philippines.

Here are some ideas for writing a compelling telemarketer post title:

  • Telemarketer needed for appointment setting
  • A telemarketer required to generate sales for our new product lines
  • Full-time telemarketer required to identify prospects from our customer database
  • Telemarketer (full-time)

To get the best applicants to apply for your job post. It’s essential to use a job title that uses a popularly searched keyword. For example, stick to words such as “telemarketer,” “cold calling,” “telemarketing,” “appointment setter,” “appointment setting,” and other such job titles.

Job posts for hiring Filipino telemarketers should include:

  • Hourly salary: Clearly state how much the hourly salary rate is in USD. For example, $5.00 per hour, or whatever hourly salary rate you want to pay.
  • Work schedule & timezone: Be sure to state the work schedule. An example would be 9:00 am-6:00 pm Monday to Friday. EST).

Job description

Do you require the telemarketers to cold call, or are they going to be calling warm leads, or perhaps even existing customers from your database? Be sure to include what the telemarketing job position will involve the person doing. 

Here are some examples of typical telemarketer responsibilities:

  • You will be required to call prospective leads through our automatic dialing system.
  • Follow up on leads and reintroduce them to our brand.
  • Call homeowners and book appointments for our sales reps. 

Be sure to include any requirements and qualifications you’re looking for in a telemarketer. Here are some examples:

  • Friendly and enthusiastic personality
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience as a telemarketer or in a similar role 


Do you want us to help you professionally build your team in the Philippines?


Do you want us to help you professionally build your team in the Philippines?