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10 Things to Outsource to Filipino Virtual Assistants

Simply put, the definition of crazy ass insanity is doing things you don't want or have to do when you have a choice not to! Hiring Filipino virtual assistants has greatly benefited many business owners and entrepreneurs in reducing hours worked doing administrative and highly technical tasks.

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This can, however, be tricky if you’re new to hiring virtual assistants or you have no clear list of tasks you are ready to outsource. Many Filipino virtual assistants work freelance or are contract based and they usually do their jobs from home. They focus more on general and administrative tasks just like those of an executive assistant or secretary.

There are many platforms available where you can hire freelance virtual assistants, two choices would be Upwork and, is specifically for finding a Filipino virtual assistant and outsourcing without the fees. You can view search, contact and hire virtual workers direct. Currently, the most sought after virtual assistants come from the Philippines. Many business owners prefer to hire Filipino virtual assistants who are known to have good English-language skills and are able to deliver high-quality outputs.

Generally, Filipino virtual assistants can be engaged to do a number of tasks. But if you are unsure what tasks you should outsource, you can check this list of possible things you can outsource to your Filipino virtual assistants.

  1. Bookkeeping- According to Kathy Colaiacovo, marketing director for the International Virtual Assistants Association, one of the easiest tasks to outsource is the keeping of tabs on bills and other bookkeeping matters. Small business owners let their virtual assistants help them in their bookkeeping systems. Their assistants can then follow up on tasks including payment of outstanding invoices or unpaid bills. Of course, business owners will need to hand over some control over their accounts which would include disclosing passwords. FIND VIRTUAL ACCOUNTANTS IN THE PHILIPPINES


  1. Doing online research- Doing online research is one task your Filipino virtual assistant can do. They can easily search for information on corporate websites, explore new products, and collate potential employees or business contacts. Business owners must, however, provide clear instructions and provide their assistants wit usernames and passwords in order to get access to speciality search tools or paid websites. HIRE RESEARCHER VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS IN THE PHILIPPINES


  1. Encoding data entries- Having new business contacts or updating existing contact information can be easily delegated to virtual assistants. They will be able to encode data entries and keep your databases updated. Just make sure that you provide specific details and inform your assistant what is expected from such kind of task in order to do away with mistakes. FIND & HIRE A DATA ENTRY VIRTUAL ASSISTANT IN THE PHILIPPINES FROM $300/MONTH


  1. Data presentations- Making PowerPoint presentations or providing results from research findings can definitely take up a lot of time. Thus, many business owners choose to delegate this task to their virtual assistants. They can save up on time doing said presentations and at the same time, have their data in a shareable format.


  1. Scheduling- Keeping track of schedules can be definitely time-consuming. Many business owners also experiencing losing track of their schedules due to their current workload. Fortunately, there are many scheduling tools available online which you can introduce to your Filipino virtual assistant. They will be able to do the scheduling for you. This, however, might need a level of trust and confidence knowing that you will assign your calendar and schedules to your virtual assistant.


  1. Social tasks- Many virtual assistants are commonly engaged in writing holiday cards or sending thank you notes. This can be quite time-consuming if business owners are the ones directly doing them. Also, the task of maintaining social media accounts can be outsourced as you only need your virtual assistants to update your accounts as much as you want to.


  1. Email management- Together with managing your social media accounts, virtual assistants can also be tasked to manage your email inboxes. This is a task which will definitely need a great amount of time most especially if you maintain a number of email inboxes and if you communicate through email. This can be done remotely but you must provide clear details and guide your virtual assistants as well in tracking important emails and also to copy you before sending out any response to avoid mistakes.


  1. Travel research- Booking flights, airline tickets, and preparing itineraries will also need you to expend more time if you do it yourself. With many available traveling research tools, you can easily delegate this to your virtual assistant. You can also do away with the hassle of navigating time zones when booking or looking for travel alternatives through your phone.


  1. Keeping informed about your industry- Remaining informed about your company’s industry may be done in your free time. But your virtual assistant can keep you informed providing you with relevant information and updates. Then you will be able to have new information to share with your social media accounts or company websites.
  1. Focusing on potential business opportunities- Thoroughly checking in potential business opportunities can be quite a challenge. But you can have your virtual assistant help you on this. There might be opportunities you might miss out because of your busy schedule. But with your virtual assistants, you can be sure that you will grab the best opportunities available.

Of course, you can assign more tasks to your Filipino virtual assistant. Just make sure that you provide them with clear instructions in order to successfully deliver the results you are expecting.

You might find this podcast episode helpful. I've attached the link below. MICHAEL BRODIE PODCAST: HOW TO OUTSOURCE TO THE PHILIPPINES THE RIGHT WAY

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