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13 Most Popular Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners

Updated on : 05-Oct-2023 06:25 AM

If you're looking for an entry-level position as a virtual assistant, income is an important factor to consider. Whether you like working in technology, marketing, health care, or another area, there are many virtual assistant jobs accessible to those with little experience that pay well. You can benefit from knowing about some of your job alternatives if you're looking for high-paying virtual assistant jobs.

This article defines what a virtual assistant job is, provides a list of 13 high-paying virtual assistant jobs for beginners or persons with little experience, and discusses the national average compensation and key duties of each position.

What are Virtual Assistant Jobs?

A virtual assistant, typically on a part-time basis, provides administrative support for you and your company. They can do duties traditionally performed by an executive assistant, such as making phone calls, scheduling appointments, planning travel, or managing emails. Most of the time, they operate as independent contractors; however, others are employed as remote full-time employees. Companies of diverse sizes and in a variety of industries use virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants can help with a wide variety of tasks. If you are looking to develop a career as a virtual assistant, below are the most popular jobs that you can choose from according to your expertise and niche.

​​Top 13 Popular Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners

virtual assistant jobs for beginners

​​1. Data Entry Clerk

Professionals that convert data from physical documents into computer files are known as data entry clerks. By processing client account data, updating and entering new information, and deleting outdated files to avoid data duplication, they assist in maintaining digital databases. They might also contribute to the confidentiality and security of the data contained in any database they are in charge of.

National Average Salary: $38700 per year

2. Bookkeeper

Specialists who help organizations manage their accounts are known as bookkeepers. They administer payroll, keep financial records updated, and record transactions. They might also assist firms with filing tax documents, ensuring adherence to local, state, and federal laws and regulations, and maintaining a filing system. It is one of the most commonly available virtual assistant jobs available.

National Average Salary: $42000 per year

3. Human Resource Assistant

Human resources assistants are experts who provide clerical support to the human resources department of a company by taking phone calls, setting up meetings, preparing paperwork, and checking email. They address questions from staff members about rules, perks, and procedures; conduct routine audits of the documents related to human resources; keep accurate records; organize special events. Additionally, they might help with the onboarding of fresh hires.

National Average Salary: $46000 per year

4. Research Assistant

A research assistant is a specialist who gathers and analyzes data, produces reports, and summarises research findings. They choose their subjects carefully, conduct in-depth interviews with them, keep correct records of the proceedings, and make the research materials available to the appropriate stakeholders. They might also keep an eye on project finances and reply to emails.

National Average Salary: $46500 per year 

5. Online Tutor/Teaching Assistant

Professionals who work as online teaching assistants support teachers in instructing students, developing lesson plans, and running online learning environments. They assess homework, record attendance, respond to inquiries from students, give them access to extra information and resources, and review and modify learning objectives to better fit each student's particular requirements. In order to aid students in understanding the topic, they might also tutor them after class.

National Average Salary: $47100 per year

6. Personal Assistant

A personal assistant is a person who performs a range of clerical duties for senior management or executives of a corporation. They could take part in virtual meetings, take notes, run errands, plan special events, conferences, or speaking engagements. Additionally, they may maintain records, input data into databases, work with staff members from different departments to finish projects, respond to calls and emails, and prepare and edit essential documentation. The number of virtual assistant jobs available for personal assistants is growing every day.

National Average Salary: $49000 per year

7. Virtual Receptionist

An expert who assists with answering incoming calls, making appointments, relaying messages to managers or supervisors, providing customers with crucial information, and assisting clients with their orders is known as a virtual receptionist. They liaise with suppliers or contractors, offer phone or video chat customer support, and assist with small logistical problems. Additionally, they could interact with potential clients and inform them of the goods and services that are offered.

National Average Salary: $49500 per year

8. Social Media Executive

Social media assistants are experts who organize social media campaigns, write social media posts, update older content for SEO purposes, and analyze campaign metrics to determine their effectiveness. They assess areas for improvement, provide feedback on a campaign's performance to social media or marketing teams, and create fresh plans for boosting online outreach. Along with managing participation across various online media during special events, they may also reply to comments or direct messages. This is one of the rising virtual assistant jobs as businesses are increasingly giving importance to improving their social media presence.

National Average Salary: $52000 per year

9. Customer Support Representative

An expert who assists clients with queries, handles complaints, and informs them of the advantages of products or services is known as a customer support representative. This assistance is often provided via email, phone, or online chat. Customers' needs are identified, their information is updated, and customers who are having technical problems are followed up with and asked to provide feedback. In order to help consumers find the best solution to a product-related issue, they may also assess and report product faults and point them in the direction of the proper department.

National Average Salary: $55000 per year

10. Talent Acquisition Assistant

A professional who assists businesses in finding, screening, and interviewing potential workers is known as a talent acquisition assistant. They coordinate interviews with candidates, keep track of their applications, write and revise job descriptions, and prepare offer letters. Additionally, they might run background checks and reference checks, write reports, design surveys that ask applicants for their opinions on the application process, and enter data from resumes and cover letters into systems.

National Average Salary: $66000 per year

11. Operations Assistant

An operations assistant is a qualified individual who collaborates with the operations manager of a business to guarantee the prompt completion of administrative chores and assist in enforcing organizational policies and procedures. They manage orders, fill out forms and write paperwork, and assist in resolving operational problems. Additionally, they could offer suggestions on how to boost effectiveness and productivity.

National Average Salary: $55800 per year

12. Scheduler

Professionals who book and arrange appointments and events for business people frequently operate from home. They manage departmental schedules, enter and process customer or client data, keep calendars up to date, organize conferences and other special events, and respond to incoming calls and emails. Additionally, they could aid with accommodation arrangements and plan and organize travel.

National Average Salary: $70000 per year

13. Virtual Legal Assistant

Professionals known as virtual legal assistants aid attorneys by assisting them remotely before a trial. They work on case administration, transcription, legal research, and email monitoring. In addition to responding to queries, they also manage calendars, arrange travel, produce vital legal documents like contracts, and make presentations. Writing formal statements and affidavits is another way that virtual legal assistants can aid attorneys in getting ready for court.

National Average Salary: $52000 per year

To Conclude,

These were the most popular virtual assistant jobs available in the market today. There are lot more jobs that you can consider, including but not limited to administrative clerk, web development, app development, content writing, copywriting, digital marketing, operations assistant, and more.

Virtual assistant jobs are available in a plethora of niches, and you can most probably find an appropriate job in your field of expertise. Just remember to filter out the best websites where you can connect with employers and work on their projects.

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Good luck in finding your first virtual assistant job!

Amaiya is a Content Marketing Manager at VirtualStaff.ph with years of experience within the outsourcing and remote working world. You can reach out to her at amaiya@virtualstaff.ph

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