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Reasons For Hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants

Many business owners and entrepreneurs have hugely benefited by hiring Filipino virtual assistants. Although the Philippines has been considered as the call center capital of the world, many Filipinos are also employed as virtual assistants performing a wide range of tasks for small and big companies alike.

Remember, Filipino virtual assistants often speak tremendous English due to English being the legal and joint official language of the country.

If you've ever been to the Philippines on vacation or business, you'll notice that every sign in the country is in English only.

Here are 5 Reasons For Hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants

  1. The Philippines is a top outsourcing destination- The Philippines has consistently been one of the top destinations for business outsourcing. 7 major cities in the Philippines including Manila, Cebu, and Davao are ranked in the Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations in the world. This means that many Filipinos are employed in a number of BPO companies or as freelancers. In recent years, many Filipinos are being hired as virtual assistants helping companies and entrepreneurs to run things more smoothly from general administrative tasks, technical assistance, to Search Engine Optimization or social media among others. Thus, when you decide to hire Filipino virtual assistants, there is a big chance that they have already worked for a BPO company before or worked as a freelance virtual assistant. They already have an idea working for a foreign client, adjusting to time zone differences but meeting important deadlines at the same time.
  1. English Proficiency- 92% of the Filipino population is proficient in English. Additionally, English is the joint official language of the Philippines. Let me make this clear, every sign in the Philippines is in English. The Philippines constitution is in English, and ALL DEGREES in the Philippines are taught solely in English! This can be attributed to the education in the country since English is being taught from preschool up until higher education in colleges and universities. This means that majority of Filipinos have a good knowledge of the English language. The good news? Communicating with your Filipino virtual assistants will therefore not be difficult saving you a great amount of time and effort.
  1. Filipinos value hard work- Filipinos are known to value hard work. Being a developing country, Filipinos are known to devote a good amount of their time to perform jobs and tasks in order to earn money. Doing overtime work is not foreign to Filipinos employed in local companies and BPO companies alike. Also, Filipinos have also provided a great number of overseas workers employed in various industries. Hiring a Filipino virtual assistant is no different as their hard work will translate to a keen attention to detail and providing high-quality outputs. All that a company needs to do is to provide for full details and instructions of the job together with the expected output, and a Filipino virtual assistant will surely get the job done.
  1. Lower labor costs- One of the reasons why foreign companies, as well as entrepreneurs, startups, podcasters, realtors, digital marketing companies among a whole host of others, hire Filipino virtual assistants is because of the lower labor costs. Let's face the facts. If we can get good talent for $350-$550 a month, then why pay $2k back in the US? Wages, in general, can be as much as 82% lower than those in the USA. Additionally, many entrepreneurs also get to save from paying employee taxes and associated costs.

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  1. Cultural Compatibility- The Philippines has a predominantly Western-inspired culture. This can be attributed to the country being an American colony up until 1946 after a long Spanish reign in the country. Many aspects of Philippine culture including economic and business culture are inspired by American practices. You will therefore not need a big amount of time adjusting and understanding the Philippine culture. Also, since Filipinos are good in adapting to different situations, you will not have a hard time in directing your Filipino virtual assistants.


Hiring virtual assistants to perform various tasks for your company will definitely entail a great amount of decision making. But such decision-making will be reduced if you opt to hire Filipino virtual assistants. With a big number of Filipino virtual assistants wanting to be employed, you will definitely find a virtual assistant who is willing and ready to work based on your preferences.

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By: Shelumiel Ryan Abapo contributor