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What Tasks Does a Philippine Virtual Assistant Do?


Tasks available to be outsourced and delegated to virtual assistants are endless. Almost every aspect of the business operations can be delegated to virtual assistants. Moreover, a virtual assistant can be of any nationality. The most known are Philippine virtual assistants who have been supporting a number of business owners and entrepreneurs in recent years.

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Philippine virtual assistants have provided support to different industries and types of businesses. Thus, there might be a certain task a virtual assistant needs to do that a different virtual assistant does not know of. This means that a virtual assistant can be tasked to support any kind of business with administrative tasks that can be outsourced. 

There are literally thousands of functions a virtual assistant can specialize in and most probably hundreds of thousands of tasks that can be delegated and accomplished.

A business owner can never make an all-inclusive list of tasks which they can assign to their Philippine virtual assistant. But there are broad ideas and suggestions which might help you come up with a list of tasks you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant.

You must, however, consider what specific functions you are ready to outsource and what tasks you are going to assign. Also, consider the tasks which are time-consuming which hinder you from doing more business intensive functions.

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Here's a list of the most known tasks delegated to Philippine virtual assistants:

  • Calendar management- Keeping track with your schedule can sometimes be a difficult task to focus. You might schedule meetings and events in a single day without noticing. Having a virtual assistant to manage your schedule can definitely be helpful to your professional and personal matters.
  • Email support- If you maintain different accounts for your business and personal matters, then having email support can be helpful to you. You can delegate to your Filipino VA the business email account in order to reach your clients and business contacts better. You will then be able to have more time to focus on your personal email account.
  • Customer service- Providing customer service is a must for every business. Look at us at, we have live chat customer agents, email support and live Facebook chat. If you keep this task to yourself, then it will prove to be something difficult and time-consuming. If you delegate this to your Philippine virtual assistant, however, you will definitely benefit from the difference in time zones as you will be able to provide support even if it’s currently nighttime in your location.
  • Newsletters- Creating content and publishing newsletters can be quite a handful. Not to mention boring for most entrepreneurs. Why not hire a Philippine virtual assistant to focus on newsletter making?
  • Social media management and Membership website support.With the rise of the use of the internet and the explosiveness of social media. Maintaining your social media accounts and also your company’s business website is a must. By delegating this to a Philippine virtual assistant or social media VA, you will be able to keep your accounts active and generate traction in an ever competitive online space.
  • Online research.Being well informed on current trends and developments in your industry is a must, especially if you want to expand and develop your business. Having a Philippine VA will definitely help you keep up to date with current trends by providing you with summarized and well-prepared primers which are easier to read as opposed to reading content online. Personally, I get my VA to give the research in easy to read bullet point form. "I'm a simple guy who likes answers quick".
  • Transcription services. If your business provides for transcription services, then hiring a virtual assistant to do the transcribing can be very helpful. Also, you can have your business meetings and conferences transcribed in order for you to have a written copy of what transpired and what important matters were discussed.
  • Writing, editing, and proofreading. If you maintain a business blog and other websites, having to provide content to be read by your clients and the public can be very time-consuming and boring. A lot of coaches, bloggers and digital entrepreneurs have a virtual assistant write the content for their blog or website. Just make sure to provide a list of topics to write and possible sources for such topic.
  • SEO Management. If your blog or website has been optimized for SEO, then you will be able to reach more clients and business partners effectively. You have to be known and relevant on the internet in today's day and age. Let a Philippine virtual assistant do this for you.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping. You have to admit that keeping tabs with invoices and payables can be quite a handful if you do it alone. If you are able to hire a virtual bookkeeper or accountant, you will have updated financial statements which will help you understand your company’s financial status.

There are more tasks which you can delegate to your Philippine virtual assistant. You can even have a virtual assistant take care of your lifestyle and personal matters including giving gifts and thank you cards.

You just need to identify what aspects of your business and your personal life you are willing and comfortable to assign to a virtual assistant.

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By: Michael Brodie

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