Work From Home Data Entry Jobs in the Philippines

Updated on : 05-Oct-2023 06:48 AM

Data entry is a fantastic entry-level online job. Many stay at home moms, students, and even college graduates have found data entry jobs on VirtualStaff.ph.

Data entry is much less complicated than you think. Even college students can apply for this job position.

What Are Data Entry Jobs Work From Home?

Data entry includes many related professions such as data processors, typists, coders, transcribers, and clerks, all engaged in data entry. 

If you're skilled in typing and have a high school diploma, then you have an excellent opportunity to get hired for a part-time or full-time data entry job.

What are the Responsibilities of Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry means to put alphabetic, numerical, or symbol-based information into a corporate records system. Another party might need to check or update the information when entered. The details can be accessed in paper documents or audio files.

Various Philippines data entry jobs are involved in traditional business process outsourcing (BPOs). On a site like VirtualStaff.ph, you'll be paid hourly in USD, and your employer will pay you weekly.

Here are the expectations from data entry job work from home:

  1. As a remote worker in a data entry job, you have the freedom to choose your workplace. Usually, you can set your hours after agreeing with the employer. 
  2. Remote contractors are unlikely to be charged on an hourly basis; however, they would be compensated on a per-project or per-keystroke basis for a given period.
  3. Employers place a premium on dependability and the ability to complete tasks of remote employees, which means that your success can take precedence over your job experience.

Beware of Data Entry Job Scams in the Philippines! 

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Many work from home data entry jobs in the Philippines (usually on Facebook groups and other "free" places) that promise easy money for very little work and use words such as "unlimited earnings" could turn out to be scams. Please be careful!

When you're in the job market searching for a new job, any data place that offers to give you a lot of money is almost certainly not true in data entry; instead, try to find a realistic offer for the job.

As you know, here in the Philippines, a data entry job locally would pay somewhere between 12k-16k Peso per month ($240-$320/month) for a full-time 160 hour per month job. Expect to earn more with an online data entry job.

Apply for data entry jobs in the Philippines through a legit online jobs marketplace

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