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6 Filipino Virtual Assistant Myths Debunked!

Everyone thinks they know what a Filipino virtual assistant is. A virtual assistant in the Philippines or a virtual assistant anywhere in the world for that matter is many things to many different people. In this article, I'm going to debunk the 6 virtual assistant myths that people think are real!

Myth 1: Virtual Collaboration Doesn’t Compare with Shared Space Collaboration

What a load of outdated baloney! I mean let's get real, how many offices do you ever walk in that are bursting at the seams with creativity and hour by hour passion and enthusiasm?

The truth is many people are more productive outside of an office environment. Plus, this is the 21st century, we have collaboration tools like Skype, Trello, Slack, Hubspot and so much more that equal a better, more productive workforce.

Me personally? I listen to music and audio books while I work, this results in me getting significantly more done than if I was in an office cubicle day dreaming and moaning about the bad habits of my work mates.

Myth 2: Remote Filipino Virtual Assistant = Problems

Problems occasionally occur to any business that employs, works with or hires staff, whether that be in office, contractors or virtual assistants. That, unfortunately, is life.

However, trust me when I say this, hiring Filipino virtual assistants do not present any more problems that you otherwise would when hiring an office based in-house assistant.

The biggest problem you'll be faced with will be people wondering how you manage to hire someone full-time for $400 a month who has a bachelors degree.

Here are 3 steps to avoiding problems:

  • Be clear with what the job is. What tasks does the virtual assistant do? Remember, just like back home, you can't hire someone as a marketing assistant and then expect them to be the night cleaner and bookkeeper.
  • Pay on time! Agree on the salary rate, and always, always, always pay them on time. Remember, your virtual assistant is trusting you, and because they are based in another country, it's important that trust is built.
  • Open and consistent communication. Keep dialogue open and flowing by utilizing free and easy to use technologies such as whatsapp, skype, slack and trello.

Myth 3: You Won't Save As Much Money As You Think

This is true, in fact, you'll save tremendously more than most people realize! Degree educated full-time virtual assistants in the Philipines can be hired from as little as $400 per month! Part-Time even less.

For a full guide on salary rates for hiring a Filipino virtual assistant to check out the free e-book below.


Myth 4: Virtual Assistants Have Limited Skills

Yes and No. Yes, that is true to the extent that if you expect to hire one person who is an expert in SEO, digital marketing, PPC, Blogging, Cold Calling, Bookkeeping and Web Development, while also happening to be an expert in video editing and graphic design, then you're being ridiculous.

What I mean by this is, no person in the world is good at everything. However, here's why I list this as a myth. While one person might not be a jack of all trades, you can hire specialist virtual assistants in the Philippines who happen to be experts in specific areas.

There is a VA that can do almost any task you need doing. Here's some to look at and consider:

Myth 5: Impossible To Build Trust With a VA

How come? Why do you think that? What made you assume this? These are the three questions I ask people when they come out with this statement.

The truth is, trust is earned. Trust comes from being honest, having integrity, and of course building a relationship that develops trust.

How do you that?

I'm repeating myself from earlier, however, it's super critical so I'll say it again.

Pay your Filipino VA on time, pay them what you promised the salary was, and develop a relationship which is built on mutual trust. The foundation of all great virtual assistant relationships is transparency and open dialogue.

Myth 6: The Language Barrier Will Cause Problems

Let me answer this one real quick and bluntly. ENGLISH IS THE JOINT OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF THE PHILIPPINES! In fact, all degrees are taught ONLY in English, in addition to this the Philippines constitution is in English, as is the court system and all legal documentation, this also includes road signs and restaurant menus.

Anyone who is educated in the Philippines, anyone with a degree here will be able to speak impeccable English.

Hope I've debunked those myths. Good luck hiring and working with your new virtual assistant, I really do hope it all goes well, and remember if you need me, feel free to go to which is my personal free advice site for outsourcing.

Also for extra help, we have a free Philippines outsourcing master class which includes videos, articles and more....


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