How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Customer Service Representative in the Philippines?

Updated on : 05-Oct-2023 06:41 AM

JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Wells Fargo, and Citibank are among the global banks that outsource to the Philippines. They chose the Philippines for outsourcing due to the cheap cost, the sizeable English-speaking population, and the excellent work ethics of Filipino customer service representatives (CSRs) in the Philippines. 

The Philippines excel in customer service. Its cultural heritage of hospitality, friendliness, and compassion equips Filipino customer service representatives with the skills needed to be excellent employees. Hence, the customer service industry in the Philippines is rapidly expanding. Over 500,000 Filipinos are now working in customer service positions in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector.

If you're asking how much it costs to hire customer service in the Philippines, keep on reading to know some factors affecting the salary of Filipino CSR. Then, decide whether it's best for your business requirements and worth your investment.

Why Outsourcing CSR in the Philippines is a Great Option?

You will save a fortune by outsourcing to the Philippines

Indeed, companies outsourcing to the Philippines may save between 60% and 70% on overall costs. 

Another reason the Philippines is a top choice is its workers that speak fluent English are more likely to have neutral accents.

Virtual teams of CSR are made up of highly trained experts who may assist with administrative tasks, data entry, research, help desk support, customer care, marketing, and sales, among others. With a broad skill set, you can easily build a team in the Philippines and take it as far as you want to go.

When you choose the right outsourcing provider, you will benefit from an experienced and professional human resources and management team assisting your team. While you retain responsibility for training and work assignments, you may avoid ensuring that your employees report on time, dealing with vacation and sick leave reporting, and dealing with tax rates. All of this is taken care of for you to focus on other company concerns.

Types of Customer Service in the Philippines

Here as some of the customer support positions that businesses usually hire staff in the Philippines to fill:

Inbound and Outbound Customer Service

An Inbound Customer Service is intended for agents who receive phone calls from customers who inquire about a specific service or require additional information about an inquiry. Inbound Customer Service works best when consumers call a single number. They can contact you anytime they want to make products or service requests. 

On the other side, Outbound Customer Service is for agents who contact customers for a follow-up survey or participate in something new. External calls often occur when policy changes occur. Companies must contact their customers to tell them about these changes and seek their permission.


Telemarketing is a kind of customer service that deals with sales to customers. Telemarketing, often called "internal sales" or "telesales," interacts with customers across the globe to make businesses closer to their consumers.

Many telemarketing campaigns with multiple engagements use various sales techniques to offer the customers new products or enhanced service. However, in addition to completing sales, telemarketing is increasingly used to collect information via surveys, mainly to learn customer preferences and consumer behavior.

You can choose from the best telemarketers in the Philippines on the VirtualStaff.ph marketplace.

Lead Generation

It is the process of finding potential customers, collecting data, and enticing them to buy a product or service. Prospective leads are discovered from a large pool of contacts obtained through the internet, referrals, or previous telemarketing efforts. 

Generating leads create custom lists from which businesses or CS agents may send newsletters or other promotional materials before making calls. CS Agents will conduct outbound calls to sell the product or service from the data gathered and vetted via lead generation from the data collected and vetted via lead generation. 

Virtual Assistance 

You can, of course, hire a virtual assistant who can do customer support and other tasks such as admin, social media, and others. 

Online Engagement and Loyalty

It is the process of creating promotional campaigns to retain customer attention, stimulate interest in potential leads, and encourage people to subscribe to a company to benefit from specific advantages. 

Customer Engagement and Loyalty, as the name implies, keep customers engaged and pleased by informing them of available discounts and freebies. Outbound customer service agents ensure that current customers support the company by piquing their interests. CS Agents may also contact hot leads to educate them of the advantages and persuade them to join their company's loyalty programs.

Online Chat Support

Online Chat Support is a quick and simple method to interact with customers in the middle of a job. In real-time messaging on the company's website or the platform offered, CS agents interact with clients via online chat support. Online Chat Support may be proactive by instantly appearing on the website and alerting consumers that help is available. 

Alternatively, some online chat inboxes may request that consumers submit their questions and contact information through an online form, which they will subsequently respond to or respond to by email.

Cost Of Hiring Customer Service Representatives in the Philippines

Here are some examples of what it costs to hire customer support staff in the Philippines:

  • No experience: $2.00 to $3.00 per hour
  • Less than two years experience: $3.00 to $5.00 per hour
  • Two to five years experience: $3.50 to $6.50 per hour
  • Five + years experience: $4.00 to $8.00 per hour
  • Customer support management: $5.00 per hour and upwards.

You will save thousands of dollars per year by outsourcing to the Philippines.

Outsource Your Customer Support in VirtualStaff.ph

The Enterprise Solution of VirtualStaff.ph includes an in-house account manager who will assist you in recruiting customer support agents. Additionally, you can use VirtualStaff's recruitment and human resources experience to screen candidates to ensure they meet your business's requirements. 

Not only will the client success manager handle recruitment and HR, but they will also provide you with NDAs and other legal protections, such as local compliance in the Philippines.


In today's cutthroat world, you must get an advantage. You will earn more money and leave your competitors in the dust if you can get substantial cost savings without compromising the quality. The truth is, eventually, this "secret" will no longer be a secret, and instead, your competitors will cotton on to the idea and do it themselves.

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