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One of the most important questions everyone wants the answer to is "what are the job opportunities?". In this article, we're going to share with you everything you need to know about online jobs, why it might be the best option for you, and ultimately show you how to find that dream job today!   job opportunities, philippines job opportunities, filipino online jobs, online jobs, philippines online jobs, online jobs ph  

Online Job

Imagine being able to work from home without commuting in busy traffic to go to and from an office? Well now you can, and over 500,000 Filipinos already work full or part time with an online home based job. Did you know that online workers actually earn an average of 22% more than local office workers? Here are some more facts for you to consider:
  • You can work in virtually any job as an online worker. Jobs you could get include; virtual assistant, data entry, SEO, digital marketing, graphic design, programming, English tutor, accountant, content writer, blogger, social media, personal assistant, and a whole range of others.
  • You can earn between Php 15,000-100,000 a month depending on your skills and expertise.
  • You can work part time or full time
  • You could work part time while studying
  • You spend more time with family and friends as you save time from commuting to an office

Where can you find an online job?

Your main options are:
  1. is the number one site that is 100% dedicated to only helping Filipinos find online jobs. It's easy to sign up for a free jobseekers account, create your profile, post your skills, and then apply for full and part time jobs by browsing the job adverts.
  2. Upwork: This site is specifically for freelancing which means it's not a permanent solution to finding a full or part time job. This is a good site if you're looking to do some temporary freelance work, however, it's not dedicated to Filipinos and you're competing for jobs with other freelancers from around the world including India.
  3. Jobstreet: Jobstreet don't specialize in online jobs however still have some options for you to consider.
    Hope this article has helped, good luck in your job search!
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