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Why Do Filipino VA's speak fluent English?

Hi I'm Kyle, I'm a VA from the Philippines and I'm writing this article to show you why hiring VA's in the Philippines make sense especially if  you need a fluent English Speaker.

Filipinos around the world are highly appreciated for their adobo(a traditional Filipino dish), vast and pristine waters and nonetheless, it's English speaking VA's. Yes, you heard it right, Filipino VA's are one of the most highly skilled with it comes to the beloved mother-tongue - English. No wonder the Philippines Outsourcing industry is exceptionally increasing from year to year.

 As a part of this growth in demand for Filipino VA's, many are still wondering how did we acquire this innate gift given literacy.  Here are some of the reasons why Filipino VA's speak fluent English:

 Make English Great Again

Let me tell you a history lesson .

During the American colonization of our country, the Philippines was at massive reformation.

One main course of action was to implement English as the medium of language in every educational level ( up until these present days).

Our first English teachers were likely Peace Corps Volunteers called Thomasites..

They changed the course of Philippines literacy by building elementary schools, learning institutions, and awakening each student that the best gun is the book allowing students to learn English and study.   

We Prefer it Subbed

There is a common saying to Filipinos, "If the movie is not English, I rather not watch it".

We always hear this a lot.

Who would like to watch a Robert De Niro with an English Dub, like those old 1970's Bruce Lee movies?


If you are a typical Filipino Netflix Watcher then you'll be binging on stuff like Game of Thrones, Sabrina, Lucifer and all the other ENGLISH shows (NOT DUBBED), although sometimes we put in the English subtitles as some of the regional accents like LIVERPOOL or GLASGOW can be very difficult to understand.

Mainstream media here is immaculate when it comes to the Big G's of Hollywood.

If you ever come here to the Philippines for a vacation I insist that you go to the cinema and you'll see that virtually all of our movies are in English WITHOUT subtitles.

 We love our Karaoke and Radio

Yes, we do, Filipinos never skip a single song, when the karaoke hits the party.

We never miss our karaoke on any given occasion, and almost every music we hit is all English Songs.

There is a greater chance that you can spot a very well versed English accent whenever a Filipino holds the microphone.

Your VA in the Philippines will be singing Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift or sometimes even Tom Jones when they are relaxing on the weekends.

Remember the old-time radio as well, Sunday mornings here in the Philippines is classic English music. Engelbert, Elvis, Kenny Rogers, it's like 1960's America... And I  can't stop singing already, Whoo!

 We live it Everyday

The Philippines has always been a  diverse culture.  It is hard to believe how most people inside this country seem to communicate in a well diverse manner.

With that being said, it was English that made it possible.

Wherever you are in the Philippines, everyone chatters an English word at the same time.

Your Filipino Virtual Assistant will look at a grocery store, every product they will see are in English.

 When driving a car, look at the road signs, everything is in plain English.

And this could be a reason Why VA's in the Philippines are well-spoken English individuals because it's part of our daily lives of the living.

Prolific English Speaking VA's in the Philippines are not ideally born with the same talent. The country's history molds its individuals, through proper implementation of English all throughout the country and integrating it into everyone's lifestyle.

 Filipino VA's are still of high standards. W

ith the rise of the demand for online jobs and English Speaking individuals, VA's from the Philippines are the type of people you would want to hire for your businesses. 

What could be a better way looking for these individuals but through, where VA's are not only English efficient but also highly skilled.

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By: Kyle Dalin

Virtual Assistant From Bukidnon, Philippines.