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9 Full-time Work From Home Jobs in the Philippines

During the coronavirus outbreak, almost all businesses were forced to embrace work from home policies.

Many businesses finally now realize that remote work is the future of employment—pandemic or not. Therefore many companies are shifting their office set up, and instead, they are embracing the benefits of having staff work from home on a full-time basis.

Here is the nine full-time work from home jobs in the Philippines that you can apply for on the home-based jobs marketplace today:

1. Software Engineer

A software engineer is a computer science professional who uses engineering concepts and programming languages to design, build, test, evaluate, and maintain computer software. Software engineers are well-versed in computer operating systems, software development, and a variety of programming languages.

If you're considering a career as a software engineer, one of your key concerns will almost certainly be the job prospects. The constant need for new software and mobile apps has increased the demand for software developers. The driving force which does this job in high demand are the following:

  • Need for innovative software
  • Limited life span of code
  • Accelerating growth in technology
  • Increasing complexity of projects

Suppose you are passionate about solving problems and can provide workable solutions or previous experience in algorithms and data structures. In that case, being a software engineer is a fantastic work-from-home job in the Philippines. The pay can range from ₱25k-₱100k+ per month for senior and lead developers.

Some developers on the home-based jobs marketplace receive salaries of as much as ₱150k/month!

2.  Project Manager

The expansion of building projects in Asia has provided an enormous opportunity for those with project management skills. Meanwhile, firms in developed nations rebounding from the global crisis are searching for project managers capable of strategically executing initiatives to benefit the bottom line.

A Project Manager, or PM, is accountable for directing a team of experts to complete projects on time and within budget to support business initiatives. Their responsibilities include allocating their money to the various proposed projects, advocating for more funds as needed, employing freelance specialists, creating project teams from existing departments, and setting or changing project timelines to meet deadlines.

Take advantage of the open positions for project managers. For example, suppose you have proven experience in project management and excellent internal communication and client-facing. In that case, you can work from home and get a well-paid salary with a foreign employer.

NOTE: One of the most popular project manager/ops manager/team leader remote jobs right now is centered around the e-commerce/internet business industry.

For example, e-commerce stores, content websites, Amazon businesses, software as service businesses, and other "online" types of companies and industries.

3.  Admin Assistant

As a remote admin assistant, you will be responsible for various administrative activities, including responding to emails, organizing meetings, and arranging travel. Therefore, a fast Internet connection is necessary for this position, as is knowledge of communication technologies such as Skype and other communication software and tools.

Businesses operate in several ways. For example, some employers hire their Filipino admin assistants full-time, paying them an average salary of anywhere between $400-$800/month (₱20k-40k)

Some companies look after proven experience in a similar role and familiarity with desktop sharing and current technologies and word processing software. Even if you have a high school diploma, you can land a full-time job for this position as long as you possess the correct skillset.

Remember, you can go to our Philippines home-based jobs marketplace and apply for full-time work-from-home jobs as an admin assistant. is only available for people looking for online jobs in the Philippines. It is also the safest place to find legit work-from-home jobs due to the stringent criteria placed on employers who hire via the site.

4.  Content Writer

Content writing is the art and talent of curating various media platforms. Content writers are expected to write for print media, web media, and different other platforms that encompass multiple themes, including search engine optimization, infographics, and podcasting.

Content writing is gaining enormous popularity these days, thanks to the variety of employment opportunities available in this profession. A variety of options are available to those interested in pursuing a career in content writing, including  the following:

  • blog content writer
  • podcast content writer
  • video content writer
  • academic content writer
  • brand journalist content writer
  • copywriter or copywriter content writer
  • press release content writer
  • white paper content writer
  • infographics content writer
  • SEO content writer

Writing for these platforms requires various skills, including research, organizational, and strong writing skills. If you can produce well-researched content for multiple platforms, you’ll never run out of options as there are always lots of jobs posted on from employers looking to hire skilled writers.

Out of a recent survey, content writing was voted one of the best full-time work from home jobs in the Philippines. We agree, and we believe with the growing demand for online businesses, more and more employers will be looking to hire content writers in the Philippines as the industry gets bigger and bigger.

5.  Financial Analyst

This might surprise a lot of you. While the demand in terms of the number of jobs posted is a lot less for financial analysts than it is for, say "virtual assistant" or "content writer," being a financial analyst is a fantastic job if you have an intellectual brain and a love for numbers, and a one that is perfectly suited to working from home.

The analyst is one of the most desirable occupations in the financial services business. A financial analyst's primary responsibility is to sift through data to find opportunities or to analyze the effects of corporate actions or investment suggestions. 

Financial analysts can hold junior and senior positions within a company, and their specialty frequently leads to further career prospects. 

Financial services are a competitive business, and it may be challenging to enter into. If you're considering full-time remote work as a financial analyst, a bachelor's degree - preferably in economics, finance, or statistics – has become the de facto primary requirement for employment as a financial analyst.

It’s best if you have previous experience with expert-level financial and analytical skills. Then, you can take your skills in finance and get a part-time or full-time job as a financial analyst while working at home.

6. Customer Service Representative

This is a massive industry in the Philippines, in fact, the demand for hiring customer service reps in the Philippines is growing year on year for over two decades now!

Customer service representatives in all industries have seen growth because of the increase in the demand for products and services that require "virtual" customer support in a number of sectors. Even with more sophisticated inquiries, such as refunding customer accounts or confirming insurance coverage, some corporations will want to maintain their service centers to differentiate themselves from rivals.

Recent events have made many businesses throughout the globe reassess their operations and transition their customer service into a remote setup. Therefore, you can search for many industries looking for full-time work from home jobs available for an experienced and non-experienced customer service representative.

The regular training for customer service representatives is 2 to 3 weeks, however, it ultimately depends on which employer you choose to work for.

You don’t need a college degree. As long as you have excellent communication skills and are highly trainable for the position, you can apply for a full-time remote job as a customer service representative.

Are you tired of working in a BPO? Are you tired of getting jeepneys to the office while fighting through traffic and heat?

If you are, you should seriously consider applying for customer service jobs on virtual, all the jobs are home-based, and as you probably already know, is the Philippines safest online jobs website!

7.  Graphic Designer

Graphic designers utilize software, whether computer-based or by hand, to produce visual designs conveying information that excites, informs, and captivates people. They work with design elements, including a company logo, templates, color schemes, and print output for many purposes, such as ads, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.

It is widely expected that job openings for graphic designers would be highly competitive. People with solid design skills tend to be drawn to positions as graphic designers. Prospective candidates who stay up with the newest design trends, technology, and approaches will have more excellent career prospects. If you have enough graphic skills, then bring them on and apply for many companies looking for someone like you!

You can find graphic designer jobs in the Philippines on

8. Digital Marketing and Social Media

Demand for social media positions and skills in marketing is on the rise, and digital roles in marketing are among the fastest expanding employment areas in the business, according to research collected exclusively for Marketing Week. 

Consumer behavior has shifted considerably in the last year due to the pandemic. The overall employment market has been dramatically impacted by digital marketing, with brands having turned attention and investment to digital media.  As tracked by LinkedIn's statistics, marketers with social abilities have experienced a dramatic surge in demand, with paid social media growing by 116.4%.

If you have proven experience in the field of digital marketing, it’s one great opportunity for you to start working in a comfortable work-from-home setup. 

Pay for a digital marketer in the Philippines can range from $400-$2,000 (₱20k-₱100k). This is based on our analysis of over 472 job posts explicitly looking to hire digital marketers in the Philippines.

You can learn more about digital marketing jobs in the Philippines in this article.

9. Sales Representative

As the products for sale range from soft beverages, sweets, or office equipment to medicinal supplies, there are a wide variety of occupations accessible for sales representatives. Therefore, sales representatives must remain abreast of new goods and market trends to provide the best possible customer service. 

If you have strong customer service skills and are a sales-oriented person, you can make your sales at home while sipping your coffee and enjoying the benefits and perks while working at home. Please take advantage of the E-commerce businesses that need someone to work full time selling their products across all digital platforms.

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Additonal advise

I'm sure you now understand that the benefits of working from home are tremendous, not only do you get to spend more time with family and friends, but you also get to live a more empowered life.

Although this next bit of advice does not pertain to working from home, it actually is advisable for anybody here in the Philippines and applicable to everyone.

In addition to working from home, we would also suggest that you look to save at least 10% of your income and invest it for your old age through a suitable investment plan.

We are not financial planners so we won't give any direct advice on where to invest. However, we would recommend that you read some of the blogs by author and leading financial planner Fitz Villafuerte.

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