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Filipino Virtual Assistants Guide To Dealing With Stress In 2020

Picture this, You are working as a virtual assistant here in the Philippines all night long and trying to please your boss.

But upon submission feedback was worse than what you expect. And you need to do a revision from the start.

That's total madness in your part!

On top of that, you recently received an e-mail regarding your bills and subscription that is on due. Now, that's even worse.

You are in stress already, now trying to nudge up your head and thinking about how to make sure that things will go in a place with your work and your life.

With no further dues, let me ease the stress in your VA life, by sharing a few tips on how to cope up with stress this 2020.

1. Take time to realize (Take a Deep Breathe)

Check yourself first, What brings you stress in the first place. Is it money, your ubiquitous love, family or work itself.

If you already found out, then think twice to realize if that stress you are dealing with came from an external factor or and internal environment.

The next step is to take things slowly, don't conclude impulsively. When you are in stress your mind is out of nowhere. cool down for a minute or two and then start taking actions. Remember, no one solved a problem with a heavy head.

2. Keep things in an Organized way

I always talk about this, and I hope you are not missing it now.

An early worm will always avoid the chances of getting caught.

If you missed planning ahead, you get your self off-guard by the detriment of stress and then the problem will start to arise.

Organizing with your time means less morning hurry to avoid being late and rushing to get out at the end of the day. Keeping yourself organized means avoiding the negative effects of the clutter, and making your work more productive.

3. Make Yourself Comfortable

Another astounding stressor at work is a physical inconvenience. You may not see the pressure you experience when you're in an awkward seat for a couple of moments.

In any case, in the event that you for all intents and purposes live in that seat when you're grinding away, you can have a sore back and be progressively responsive to push as a result of it.

Indeed, even little things like office clamor can be diverting and cause second rate dissatisfaction.

Do what you can to guarantee that you're working from a peaceful, agreeable and calming workspace.

4. Avoiding Multitasking

Performing multiple tasks was once proclaimed as a fabulous method to amplify one's time and accomplish more in a day.

At that point, individuals began understanding that when they had a telephone in their ear and were making computations simultaneously, their speed and precision (also mental soundness) endured.

There is a sort of fatigued inclination that originates from parting one's center that doesn't function admirably for a great many people. Instead of performing various tasks, attempt another methodology known as lumping.

5. Listening To your Playlist

Tuning in to music can have a colossally loosening up impact on our brains and bodies, particularly moderate, calm old style music.

This kind of music can beneficially affect our physiological capacities, easing back the beat and pulse, bringing down circulatory strain, and diminishing the degrees of stress hormones.

Music, to put it plainly, can go about as an incredible pressure the board instrument in our lives.

As music can ingest our consideration, it goes about as an interruption simultaneously it assists with investigating feelings.

This implies it very well may be an incredible guide to reflection, assisting with forestalling the mind from any stressors.

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By: Kyle Daling

Filipino Virtual Assistant & Content Creator