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5 Advantages of Hiring Filipino Virtual Staff

Updated on : 12-May-2022 06:35 PM

The Philippines is rightly considered the best country in the world for building an outsourced team, and many good reasons explain why that is.

If you hire Filipino virtual staff, you will save a lot of money. However, several other advantages make the Philippines outsourcing an excellent business move and that.

The five advantages of hiring Filipino virtual staff and outsourcing to the Philippines:

1. Cost - You'll save thousands of dollars!

The main reason people outsource to the Philippines and hire a virtual assistant is the massive reduction in salary costs compared to hiring local employees.

In the US, hiring a general in-house administrative assistant will cost you $16.19 per hour on average ($2590/month), which would be $31k/year + benefits and other costs.

admin assistant cost USA.

You could hire a full-time virtual assistant in the Philippines to do the same job for anywhere between $3hr-$6/hr, which would save you thousands of dollars a year, compared to hiring a local employee in the USA or UK for example. 

How much to pay your Filipino virtual assistant?

Check out our Philippines outsourcing salary guide for hiring Filipino virtual assistants. You can also browse the hundreds of thousands of Filipino virtual assistant profiles that are live on the Virtual Staff marketplace.

2. Qualified and Talented Individuals

Another advantage of hiring virtual staff in the Philippines is qualified and talented individuals looking for employment.

This is very important because the whole point of outsourcing to the Philippines is it replace local staff without compromising quality.

I mean, yes, saving money is essential, and it's probably the primary reason you want to build an outsourced team in the first place. 

However, the key to Philippines outsourcing success is to hire good quality staff or VA's and not compromise quality. 

I'll repeat that one more time. The key is to replace local staff with remote staff or VA's in the Philippines without compromising quality!

Every year in the Philippines, thousands of students graduate from college and eagerly search for employment opportunities.

These Filipinos are graduates of a wide range of majors and expertise, and you're not limited to just hiring virtual assistants. 

You can replace virtually any position you'd ordinarily hired locally for by directly finding an equally talented person in the Philippines.

3. English Proficiency - English is the joint official language of the Philippines

Did you know that English is one of the two official languages of the Philippines?

With qualified and talented individuals looking for employment, the real beauty of outsourcing to the Philippines is that English is one of the two legal and official national languages, meaning you will hire fluent and great quality virtual staff.

If that's not enough, the Philippines is the fourth largest English-speaking country by population globally.

This would mean that hiring Filipinos is compatible with your business or workplace regardless of industry.

Filipinos are most especially appealing for positions including customer service, technical assistance, admin, graphic design, video editing, content writing, social media assistant, bookkeeping, accountants, and other such positions.

Whatever your company needs, you will surely hire a Filipino virtual staff who can speak and read English very well.

For more information about why businesses outsource to the Philippines, you can check out our step-by-step guide to hiring virtual assistants in the Philippines. It covers almost everything you need to know about to hire the best virtual staff.

4. Cultural Compatibility - Did you know the Philippines was a USA territory?

I'll give you a quick history brief. Hence, you know how the USA took control of the Philippines and why it speaks English and has it as an official language, despite being situated in Asia.

  • The Philippines are named after King Philip II of Spain. (It was a Spanish colony from 1521-1898). However, virtually nobody in the Philippines can speak Spanish anymore as it is not an official language here anymore.
  • The Philippines was one of the few countries in the world to have been a colony of the USA. (1898-1946), this came about because the USA bought the Philippines from Spain. (Fun the fact that a lot of people don't know about. Andrew Carnegie, the American/British steel tycoon, actually offered the USA government the same money to buy independence for the Philippines).
  • The USA made English the legal language, and subsequently, after The Philippines got independence from the USA in 1946, they kept English as their official and legal language.
  • Degrees in the Philippines are tested in English. All written exams are in English.
  • English is the joint official language. This means all road signs, official documents, and even the constitution itself are written in English.
  • If you go to the cinema in the Philippines, virtually every movie is in English, and there are no subtitles.

5. Values and Traits of Filipinos

This might sound like a cliche or a bit of a stereotype, but it's based on my experience of hiring and working with hundreds of virtual staff in the Philippines, so call it "my observance or opinion."

Filipinos are hardworking no matter their industry, and hiring Filipino virtual staff for your business needs is no different.

Hiring Filipino virtual staff would mean working hard to provide and deliver the right job for whatever your company needs.

Filipino staff is also good at understanding instructions and tasks assigned to them. They can work independently with little to no supervision. Most importantly, Filipinos value hard work and can adapt to their circumstances.

The actual quality of staff you hire comes down to interviewing and hiring the right person for the job. This is why you should read the article about avoiding hiring a bad virtual assistant in the Philippines because it will save you a lot of time and energy.

Learn more about outsourcing to the Philippines?

Depending on where you're at with your outsourcing journey, and of course, the type and size of your business, each of the articles below will help you.

Don't worry. Just flick through them and use the ones that will provide you with the most relevant information for your individual needs.

If you're struggling to build your virtual team, or perhaps you want the expertise of the Philippines virtual assistant provider in your corner? You can check out the Enterprise Solution. It's not for everyone, but for 1/10 people, it'll be a game-changer!

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